Blog Preface

When we say that our blog site is dedicated to Computers/Internet/Searching, you will surely think that we are one more addition to the thousands of similar sites already on the Internet. But go through the blogs on our site and you will surely notice the differences with others of similar genre.

What is it that makes our site unique and exclusive and a cut above the rest?

For one, we do not focus on a specific subject only but take a comprehensive look at the whole spectrum of computers and the Internet. Some sites stress on hardware and software while others deal with only the Internet. But we believe that all three are interlinked and should be considered as components that make up the world of computers, Internet and searching.

While we do have blogs that are technical in nature about computers and the Internet that will be of great interest to the tech savvy amongst our readers, we also have generic blogs that will capture the attention of the common person.

For instance, we have blogs that offer guidelines on how to maximise Internet searches and how to get the most appropriate results. We also have blogs providing tips on how to be careful while shopping online so that personal credit card information and data is not compromised. Hence our blog site can be said to be so designed that it has something of significance for all.

Our team of bloggers are passionate about the subject of Computers/Internet /Searching and carry out extensive research on a topic before it is posted on our site. All writers are vastly experienced and qualified in this field and hence all news, information and updates in our blogs are reliable and have the stamp of authenticity. Every blog is double checked to ensure that it is accurate in every respect.

Another factor that differentiates us from other blog sites relevant to our niche is the interactive approach that we have adopted. We welcome contributions from bloggers who are well conversant with computers/Internet/searching and can add value to our site. We do not have any restrictions on the topic chosen so long as it pertains to our niche. Our only stipulation is that all write-ups should be original unpublished pieces. Images, infographics and photographs can be imbedded in them for greater impact.

We will inform by post once the blogs are posted on our site.